Wheel and Tire Upgrade for the Ford Edge

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We know the first step in readying our vehicle for Overlanding duties would involve a wheel and tire upgrade for the Ford Edge. Coincidently, another Canadian winter is upon us, and although they tend to be milder here in Southern Ontario, as I write this, I can see out the window to the 30+ centimetres of snow that fell over Christmas. Any thoughts I had that I could squeeze one more season out of the Goodyear Eagle Sport tires on the Edge have faded. Also, it seems we have a leak in the front driver’s side tire that furthers the cause for new shoes on the Edge.

So, new tires for sure. Should the upgrade involve new wheels? Doubtful. ‘Tis not the season for unplanned expenses, and while the tires are necessary, and already in the spending plan, new wheels might be a luxury at the moment. While we know our planned Overlanding adventures, and general road safety, necessitate new tires, new wheels were being considered for future cost-saving purposes only.

Falken Tire Upgrade for the Ford Edge

After hours of research, I ordered a set of four Falken WildPeak A/T Trail tires for the Edge. I ended up sticking with the 20-ich factory rim, despite a strong desire to step down to a 17-inch wheel. There are several great wheels for the Ford Edge from top manufacturers.

Black Rhino makes the Overland, which might be my favourite. Vision Wheels makes a few different models, and Fast Wheels is a Canadian company with a couple of interesting options for our Edge. The Black Rhino wheels weren’t in the budget. Neither were the Vision options. The Fast HD Thunders were more affordable and would have allowed me to order a much cheaper 245/65R17 tire, but in the end, I couldn’t justify the superfluous expense so soon after the Christmas splurge.

I stuck with the same tire size we currently have equipped, a 245/50R20 for the tire upgrade for the Ford Edge. They were about $65 more expensive per tire than the 17-inch versions, but we could use the factory 20-inch wheels we already have (Our SEL is equipped with the Appearance Package) and as you may have read in a previous article, I am a big fan of using what I already have if it will do the job.

We’re Sticking with the 20’s (245/50R20)

Honestly, for the types of roads and trails we plan on using for our adventures, the lower sidewall on the larger rims won’t cause any problems. We aren’t planning on ‘airing-down’ for any trails or doing and heavy rock-crawling. The twenty’s will suit us fine, and the tread pattern (which was the real reason we chose these tires) is the same no matter the size.

The Falken WildPeak A/T Trails always get excellent reviews, so we’re confident they will be the right fit for our Edge. We’ll do a full write-up on these wheels, including the buying process. I’ve never ordered tires online before. It’s been a new experience and we’ll see how it ends up.

Should our Overlanding adventures in our Ford Edge outlast this set of shoes, the next ones will be a set of 265/65R17s wrapped around a set of matte black 17 x 8 Black Rhino Overland wheels.

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